Take Care Of The Baby Steps: Child-friendly Hardwood Floors From Kährs

July 25, 2019

Your home flooring speaks a lot about you. It reflects your personality and what you perceive as class and comfort. This is why choosing the right home flooring is an important decision. When you choose flooring for your home, there are a lot of things that need to be considered, especially when you have children. Children spend time playing on the floor all day long. And for this reason, it is important to find the right material for the floor. A floor that isn’t harmful or toxic.

While most parents think of getting wall to wall carpeting to welcome their babies, they are not exactly a great home flooring idea. Apart from the dust that accumulates on them, wall to wall carpets are certainly not in trend right now. However, the evergreen and classic home flooring option are the hardwood floors. While kids can do a number on the hardwood floors, with the right choice of wood and proper maintenance, you can easily have them at your home without compromising on the interior styling of your home.


So, in this blog, we will discuss how Kährs hardwood floors can come to your rescue by providing the best choice of home floorings for crawling babies and naughty toddlers.


Hardwood species with strong graining

Hardwoods with stronger graining camouflage scratches and dents more. For instance, red and white oak woods from Kährs are a great choice of high grain wood floors. 

The white or light oak varieties have a smoother graining, with mineral streaks, making them a perfect fit for contemporary homes. On the other hand, red oak varieties have a higher amount of grain, making them look more traditional.


Matt and Satin finish

It’s plain and simple – shiner surfaces show more scratches, dents and dirt. Which is why stain and matt finish hardwoods are perfect for a household with kids. They are stylish and in trend and much easier to maintain than the glossy surface hardwood floorings. 


Character grade home floorings

Hand Scraped or distressed hardwoods can camouflage dents and scratches much better than low grain woods. Handscraped floors with knots and colour variations not only adds character to the flooring but also easily hide the dents and scratches made by the floor as they blend in and look natural.


Added protection that helps 

While hardwood floors are a great choice of home flooring even with babies running around, it is best to have some extra padding and protection in your home. Add felt pads to your chairs, especially the baby chairs that are moved frequently. Interlocking soft foam tiles can be used for your baby’s bedroom and playroom which will soften falls and prevent any untoward injuries.


You can also consider area rugs for rooms where your baby or toddler scramble around a lot. Area rugs can be washed and cleaned frequently and also add a certain sophistication to your hardwood home floorings.


Looking for the perfect hardwood flooring for your home in Dubai? Contact us today for the best oak wood floorings in the city.


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