The Fundamentals of Aesthetic Choices – From The Role Of Lines To Colour When Designing Your Home

December 14, 2021

At present, we celebrate the diversity of styles. Several aesthetics are utilised across the world to create mesmerising interiors. Even if a specific theme is not followed, several factors play a distinct role in providing a particular vibe to a space. These include geometric shapes, colours, textures and more. To ensure your home can exude the feelings you want it to, the fundamentals of aesthetic choices must be understood. 


The role of lines

Lines are a crucial yet easily overlooked aspect of interior design. They can visually transform spaces and create illusions of the structure. Interior designers use lines to add depth to a room – depending on how they’re utilised they can change how wide or large a room looks. Example, for wooden floors, if the grain is straight and placed vertically, it could make the room look much longer.


You can also utilise them to create visually striking patterns from herringbone styles to geometric shapes or even abstract art. Professionals prefer to use a combination of both straight and curved lines to achieve balance in a space. 


The role of colour

If you ask any interior designer what the most crucial element of design is, their response will be colour. Colour can make or break the entire aesthetic of a space. The wrong colour palette could lead to rooms feeling cold and uninviting. At worst, they could make the area look very unpleasant. 


To pick the right shades, you need to understand colour tones: cool tones and warm tones. Warm tones energise and uplift a space. Cool tones make rooms look more relaxed and peaceful. Some colours may be generally considered cool (blues) or warm (reds); however, colours can be of either undertone and will have different hues as a result. Ultramarine blue is considered a warm tone due to its more vibrant appearance. The tone is more about how the colour appears to the eye. If a colour pops and exudes warmth, it is warm-toned. It is cool-toned if the colour is more relaxing to the eyes and recedes to the background. Knowing the colour tone will help you choose colours that fit the goals of the space.


Warm-toned colours will work best in spaces meant to be lively and uplifting. Dining areas, living rooms and playrooms are perfect choices for these colours. On the other hand, cool-toned colours are perfect for spaces you are expected to relax and unwind. Bedrooms, bathrooms and libraries are great spaced for these colours. 


The role of texture

Texture is one of the most effective ways to create tactile moments that invite touch, and they are also an excellent solution to stop a space from feeling one-dimensional. Our flooring company in Dubai recommends using various textures with other aesthetic choices to give a room a defined look and feel. Marble and porcelain can be used to accentuate elegance and sophistication, and wood and fabric can be used to bring cosiness and comfort to a space. By layering different textures, you can make a space more enjoyable to be in and add depth. 


By paying attention to the role of certain aesthetic choices, you can create a space that genuinely exudes the vibes and appearance that you have in mind. Whether you are changing the flooring or an entire room’s design, you can be confident that the result will be one you will be pleased with. Contact us at Nordic Homeworx, our wood flooring company in Dubai, to find out more about which type of flooring works best for your space. 


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