Upcycle Your Leftover Wood In 5 Easy Steps

January 28, 2022

When you install hardwood flooring, it is likely you will have many leftover pieces. Most people tend to throw these scraps away thinking there aren’t many uses for them, but the truth is far from that. You can breathe new life into these pieces by utilizing them in other projects. There are several things you can do with leftover wood, and in this article, we will explore five of them.

Wooden coaster

Coasters are one of the things that you typically have difficulty finding when you need them. As they are small, they can be misplaced easily. While they are not expensive to re-purchase, there is nothing as easy as making your own. So they are an excellent way to put scraps of wooden flooring to use. You can make a wooden coaster set in less than an hour. Although you can use fancy tools, all you need is a jigsaw and some sandpaper.


If you are an avid reader with an extensive collection of books, this can be a very valuable device. Bookends are a great way to keep books upright on shelves. While you can make them using different materials, leftover wood is excellent as lumber is very sturdy. You can also get creative by painting the wood and decorating with other materials. 

Cutting boards

If your interests lie in the culinary world, this can be an exciting project you would enjoy making and using in your everyday life. Cutting boards are a valuable tool in a chef’s arsenal, and wooden boards are especially beloved as they are sturdy, easy to use and elegant to look at. Making a wooden cutting board with leftover wood is very easy. However, applying high-quality finishes and sealants is necessary to stop moisture from seeping in and stop the food from being contaminated by chemicals. As long as you use the proper products, you can use the board for a long time.

Wall accents

Instead of solely making objects with leftover wood flooring, you can use them to create a stunning wall accent. While most wall accents are done using paint, wood can also be great as it provides a natural aesthetic.  If there is a wall you would like to highlight, you can tint the wood in various hues and attach it to the wall surface to create a natural and earthy backdrop. If you wish, you could cut the wood into small pieces and create a mural to further add an element of interest to your home. 

Floating shelves

If your home lacks sufficient storage, then this can be very useful. Floating shelves are an excellent solution to increase storage as they utilize vertical space and not floor space. It is quick and easy to make your own shelves; typically you can have them ready within two days. You can either use large wood pieces or attach smaller ones to get your desired shelf size, and they can be stained to match any existing wooden furniture in the room. 

Wood is not a cheap resource. So do not waste any leftovers by throwing them away; instead, use them in the aforementioned ways. Not only will you refrain from contributing to the wastage of resources, but you will also be able to have new art pieces and equipment for your home. For more information on wooden flooring and how to utilize leftover pieces, contact our wood flooring company in Dubai, Nordic Homeworx. 

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