July 31, 2013

Yet another stunning home by the Swedish real estate agents Fantastic Frank. We are loving the elegant white wood floor, which serves as a perfect base for the home. Combining a white wood floor with white walls and fixtures makes the floor more subtle in its beauty, where it won’t overpower the remaining elements such as beautiful furniture pieces and artwork. Thereby, de-cluttering. It also brightens up the space, allowing for the natural light to reflect off it beautifully.

Oak Nouveau Snow by Kährs Classic Nouveau Collection has a distinct white hue on a naturally colour varying oak, with white bevels and occasional white and darker knots. The surface is brushed and matt lacquered. An elegant floor skilfully crafted by Kährs using sustainably sourced Swedish oak wood. A floor that is as beautiful as it is easy to look after – a floor that lasts for generations.

Images by Fantastic Frank and Nordic Homeworx

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