wood flooring company in dubai,

New Trend: Choosing The Perfect Blend Of Colours For Your Wooden Floors

November 24, 2020

Flooring is the foundation of residential or commercial places, which can provide elegance, highlighting the top-notch work of the whole place. The right color combination will bring a lot of energy and delicacy to the entire space, giving a pleasing sensation to the eye. Rather than using a neutral color, a blend of color tones […]

wood flooring company in dubai,

Dutch, Herringbone, And Chevron: Which One Is Your Best Pick?

November 21, 2020

With the increasing range of designs and techniques in the flooring industry, parquet styles have a prominence in the field of wood flooring. Apart from residence, these flairs are also extensively used in commercial places like restaurants, cafes, office spaces, etc. The historic and aesthetic value of parquetry has brought it to its widespread usage […]

wood flooring company in dubai,

A Guide To Choosing The Appropriate Thickness For Your Hardwood Floors

November 14, 2020

A hardwood floor will design your house surface with wood harvested from varieties of tree species, providing your space an exotic and authentic look in a preferred way. Apart from selecting the most suitable shade and pattern to increase the coziness, it is necessary to pick the appropriate thickness for your floor to obtain the […]

wood flooring company in dubai,

Types Of Wooden Floors To Consider For The Winter Season

November 7, 2020

Winter is the time in which every person desires to be equipped with warmth and the best season for renovation to provoke the upcoming year. Your flooring plays a significant part in bringing this rendition as it covers most of the space in your home or office. To make the best preference for your flooring, […]

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