Best Flooring Options For You If You Have Pets

August 21, 2022

Are you a pet owner who is currently looking for pet-friendly flooring options or planning to renovate your flooring space that goes well with your indoor pets? We understand that you require important considerations and weigh criteria that both suit your style and accommodate your pets.

It may seem like a difficult undertaking given the vast amount of choices, but there are plenty of options out there that will match your personality while resisting the potential scratching of your pets, dirt, or floors being soaked with urine. Below are the top 5 best flooring alternatives and their pros and cons to help you and your pets’ needs.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one good alternative if you’re looking for pet-friendly flooring options. It is long-lasting, inexpensive, and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal option for pet owners.

Pros: The latest vinyl floor is waterproof and the underlayment provides some cushion which makes the material less likely to cause slipping or sliding. It has attractive wood and stone patterns you can choose from according to your style, and aside from that, it is also extremely difficult to tear and scratch so your dogs won’t destroy them.

Cons: However, its disadvantages include low resale value compared to hardwood flooring in high-end markets, and if your luxury vinyl does get damaged, it would definitely be hard to repair it losing its natural value.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you love genuine hardwood floors but are afraid that they may not be good for your pets, then choosing engineered wood flooring is a perfect choice. Its material mimics the appearance of genuine natural wood with a thinner layer on top but it still lasts longer.

Pros: Engineered hardwood flooring is easy to clean and low maintenance since if you discover small pet scratches, you can refinish them and it will instantly look brand new without replacing them entirely. It is also available in a wide range of tones, colors, and patterns to suit your home aesthetic.

Cons: A major disadvantage of engineered hardwood flooring is that they are not water-resistant. If a liquid stays on the flooring for a long time, the stain may seep through and the prolonged exposure to moisture may cause permanent damage to the floorboards.

Tile or Concrete Flooring

Tile or sealed concrete flooring has been a preferred choice of most pet owners since unlike luxury vinyl they are less susceptible to moisture and can resist spillages and leaks.

Pros: The tile or concrete flooring is a great option for pet owners as scratches and smudges don’t stand a chance. They are easy to maintain and long-lasting, and their timeless vibe can appeal elegance to in your home.

Cons: The major constraint of having tile or concrete flooring is that they are cold, hard, and maybe slippery. Also, they are very much expensive but do not add as much resale value compared to genuine hardwood flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring type is also a good flooring alternative for those who have pets as it can be similar to natural hardwood, but instead, it is processed from farmed bamboo fibers.

Pros: Most homeowners are unaware that bamboo is scratch-resistant flooring and harder compared to natural hardwood. It is also resistant to moisture and leaks, and you can wipe pet stains easily.

Cons: The only downside of bamboo-type flooring is that the claws of your pet click audibly as it is not a sound-proof flooring type.

There are a few considerations that pet owners must take note of when choosing their desired flooring type. The list provided above is just a few options for pet owners that will complement their style while taking care of the welfare of their pets. And amongst the flooring companies in Dubai, we, in Nordic Homeworx acknowledge this dilemma by providing an extensive portfolio of flooring options that are pet-friendly. Check us out here.

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