Cabin-Inspired Home Designing Ideas

June 28, 2022

Cabin-inspired home designs are all about creating a sense of warmth, retreat, and adventure, given the wild and lush landscape that often lies outside its doors. Either on a pine forest overlooking a lake, on a snowy hill, or on a farm with a hilltop view, all types of cabin décor have one thing in common: they all pay tribute to nature. With that, it typically makes use of furniture, floorings, and wall designs that are made from natural materials.

In order to achieve a cozy cabin look even if you are in an urbanized area like Dubai, read along the cabin-inspired home design ideas we’ve listed down for you.

Neutrals are Best

If you love the rustic charm of a cabin home, but prefer a more polished and sophisticated style that blends well with your urban life, organic and neutral home décor and wall colors are ideal. Neutral shades give a calming and chic character that blends contemporary design well with the rough-hewn details of cabin styles. Moreover, when painted in walls, neutral colors like white and beige can be reflective, giving your home lots of indirect sunlight as they absorb the least amount of light. This gives you the same lighting effect as if you are in an open space where nature awaits behind your doors.

Use the Right Textiles

Textiles play a major role in setting the overall tone and style direction of your space. In order to achieve that log cabin look without actually moving into one, choose textiles that speak to nature and the local landscape. For example, if you opt for that Long Island cabin home design, hides and leather textiles are best in order to give your space a rustic and cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, if you would like a more sophisticated approach and are opting for a modern luxe cabin theme, unbleached linen and natural wools are best in order to create an elevated look that fits with the rustic shell of your space.

Add Antique Pieces, But Stay Minimalist

In order to achieve the zen-like vibe of a cabin that is refreshing to the eyes, a minimalist approach is always best. Use only simple furnishings and a few window accents, especially if you are in an area with lots of natural light, as this will allow more to enter. Balance this with a few antique pieces, such as old tea pots and small vintage vases, as they make a natural fit for cabin décor without making your space feel stuffed.

Pay Attention to Your Flooring

The key to decorating a cabin-inspired home is to give it a sense of nature by incorporating natural materials in its interior. This can be best achieved through the flooring.

Since floorings stretch in almost all areas of your home, it is vital to choose a style that can sustain your desired home design. To this end, you may either opt for natural wood flooring or for LVT flooring that imitates the look of stone and wood.

  • Wood Floorings
    Wood floorings give a sense of timelessness and authenticity in your cabin-styled home. As real cabins make use of natural wood into its walls and floors, you too can achieve this classic look by also using genuine wood floorings.
  • LVT Floorings
    If you are on a budget, LVT floorings can be a more affordable alternative. Since it uses the latest technologies in its production, it can imitate the look of wood and stone that can be typically found in authentic cabin homes.

Find a Reliable Flooring Company to Finish Up

Give your space an authentic cabin look by finding a reliable company which provides various flooring options that you can use to finalize your dream home design. For more information, reach out to Nordic Homeworx, a trusted flooring company in Dubai.

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