Creating A Rustic Aesthetic With Engineered Wood Flooring

February 21, 2022

Modern technology, without a doubt, offers us the best of both worlds, and with engineered hardwood flooring, this is especially true for house interiors. The country-style texture of this wood combined with its versatile modern materials has made it a perfect home flooring option for almost all architectural styles. If you’re looking to use the antique yet stylish character of engineered wooden floorings to create a rustic aesthetic in your house here are some tips that can be useful. 

Wood Beams 

One of the easiest ways to create countryside aesthetics with engineered wood flooring is to use wood beams.  Whether it’s a small or large house, wood beams can perform as an interesting element that is elegant, appealing, and most importantly, adds a unique architectural flair to your house. While they can be creatively installed anywhere in a house, they are most impactful in living rooms and kitchens as they are more visible in these places. 

Wood Panel Wall 

Unlike in the ’70s and ’80s, modern wood panel walls make a great exotic accent to elevate the rustic look of engineered wooden floors. The most common way to use them is on a large wall in the living room, hallways, passages or in the corridor. 

You can also use it in just a small portion of the room. Through this it will create a sudden change in texture, generating a sophisticated visual interest.  This can be a good option to separate different spaces in the open-concept areas that most modern houses have. 

Shiplap, pallets and plank are all great options for a wood-panelled wall and are one of the most classic ways to pair up with engineered wood flooring to create an antique interior. 

Reclaimed Wood 

If you’re looking to naturally enhance the outlook of engineered wood floors with some rustic aesthetics, then reclaimed wood is the way to go.  You can choose wood from a barn to an assortment of other salvaged wood and create a wall panel or make statement-furniture. The textured multi-coloured appearance of reclaimed wood will give the floor the right blend of a weathered and country-side vibe. 

Repurposed Antiques 

Another often underrated way to add rustic aesthetics through engineered wood flooring is to repurpose antiques in your house and give them a fresh look. You can consider repurposing an antique bookshelf as a TV stand or even an antique dresser into a cabinet that can be displayed in the living room.  Apart from being innovative, this is a sustainable way to do an interior design makeover for an already existing wooden floor. 

Stone Interiors 

If there is a material that is as rustic as wood, it has to be stone, and they perfectly go along with engineered wood floors. Modern-day architectural techniques allow more versatility in using stones for house interiors. 

You can consider using natural stones like granite and limestones for bookshelves or open storage. They are functional, easy to maintain and add a unique touch of aesthetic value to house interiors. For kitchen counters, tabletops, and backsplashes stones like granite and quartz are suitable. Dining tables with a stone top can also create an earthy and calm ambience that goes well with engineered wood floors. 

If you want to upgrade the stone interiors even more, then consider a  fireplace. Decorate it with stone or brick, according to your style, install a wood mantle, and make it look inviting. The living room is the best place to have a fireplace and it will effortlessly blend with an engineered wood floor creating the ultimate countryside appeal to your house. 

Engineered wood floors are surely the best flooring option to bring out your rustic dream into reality. However, in order to give your house the perfect finish with the right aesthetics make sure to get your floors done by a professional and experienced wood flooring company

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