Preparing Your Home For New Flooring Installation: Tips and Tricks

December 28, 2022

A new flooring installation project can be daunting to plan. But with proper planning, the process can go smoothly. The flooring installation procedure may include numerous activities and materials that must be handled properly. You must keep your home clean whether you install a floating floor for vinyl, laminates, or hardwood floors.

Why do I need to prepare my home before installing new flooring? Various activities and materials are produced during the installation of a new floor. As a result, you should keep your pets and belongings away from dust and dirt. In this guide, you will discover how to prepare your home for floor installation by following the basic steps outlined below.

Choose The Right Flooring Type

The first phase in a successful flooring installation is selecting the appropriate material. There are numerous materials to choose from, including hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tile. When making your decision, consider the area of your home receiving the flooring renovation, your budget, and your lifestyle (if you have children or pets, for example).

Measure The Space Beforehand

Take measurements for each room where you intend to lay the new flooring. Then match your measurements to the flooring you intend to install. It will assist you in determining that you have enough material to cover your flooring. It is a good idea to purchase the extra flooring you think you will need. That way, you’ll have spare in case you mess it up, you’ll be able to save a few pieces that may have a problem, and you’ll have some on hand in case you need to perform a repair in the future.

Clear The Area

Once the logistics are in order, you should concentrate on carefully prepping the space where your new floors will be laid. It is critical to plan ahead of time for flooring installation, which includes the following:

  • Remove everything from the floors and walls.

  • Unplug all appliances and devices.

  • Make plans to relocate all furniture, especially large objects such as pool tables, pianos, and gym equipment.

  • Cover any other items in your home that you wish to keep clean and unharmed.

The bottom line is that the room where new flooring is being built must be completely empty of all its furnishings, from drapes and decorative items to beds and tanks.

Clear All The Room Furniture

You have to remove any furniture from the area where new flooring will be installed. For your convenience, you should complete the assignment before the installation day. Doing the task ahead of time saves time and money. Some flooring contractors, however, will reposition your furniture for free, while others will charge a fee. As a result, it would be preferable if you could consult your floor installer and learn how they accomplish it. You should also cover your furniture to protect it from dust and debris that may settle on its surfaces if it is not covered.

Create A Designated Work Space

Most flooring installers will require a separate workspace to prepare and store materials away from where the new floors will be laid. To guarantee seamless work and minimum downtime, choose and clear away the workspace before the day of your flooring installation.

If you have enough space, you can designate your garage as the work location, but an empty driveway also works well. Your installers will only need a large enough room to resize materials and keep their tools away from the new floor’s space.

Keep Out Children and Pets

The flooring installation area and work zone must be free of children and pets. Flooring installations need the use of heavy-duty materials and tools, so keep your children and pets safely out of the way. If you don’t have a safe zone in your house, make arrangements for daycare and pet sitters for the day (or days) of your flooring installation.

Communicate With Your Professional Installers

Open communication with flooring professionals is the best approach to ensure a successful flooring installation.

If you have any concerns or requests, please let them know when they arrive at your home before they begin the installation. Remember that your installers are the experts, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before, during, and after the installation of your new floors!

Preparation is key!

If you want a smooth, successful flooring installation, follow these instructions to prepare as thoroughly as possible. These suggestions, regardless of the type of flooring, either LVT flooring or parquet flooring, will ensure that your room is ready for installation by your flooring provider.

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