What Goes With Wood Flooring? Top 5 Designer Decor Picks

February 28, 2022

The timeless and warm appeal of wooden floors has made it one of the most sought-after home flooring materials. They are great for practicality and good looks and are a versatile material for all home styles. As they make a statement in nearly all spaces of a house many house owners wonder how to perfectly match them to bring out their natural beauty. 

Unlike what many believe when it comes to designing your interiors, not every single element in your house has to match for the look to be cohesive. With some simple design tricks from professionals, you can define wood floors with a touch of your personal style. Here are 5 designer picks on how you can do this. 

Complementary Colours 

One of the best options that go with wood floors is a contemporary colour palette. It is a simple way to match any home interior to wooden flooring. The best way to determine the contemporary colour palette to your floor is to look at the wood’s undertones.

Most types of wood floors give out colours in the shade of yellow, orange, red, grey, or brown. Once you find out the exact tone your floor blends with, use the principle of the colour wheel to select matching interior colours. Generally, shades of blue go well with floors that have yellow or orange tones, whereas green hues balance well with brown surfaces. 

White Walls And Stone Interiors 

White is closely linked with contemporary designs, and the best way to incorporate a touch of the modern interior to wood floors is to go all white.  Consider painting all the walls or a few social rooms in the house in white. This will allow your house interiors to blend gracefully with the rustic feel of the wooden floors. White walls provide a refreshing, angelic, and lively feel. It brings a whole different artistic ambience to your house.

If you want to add a bit more detail, use stone interiors as well. White walls and wooden floors blend well with stone statements, whether it’s in the form of a fireplace,  bookshelves or even as a countertop in the kitchen, they bring out a classic yet modern architectural style. 

Contrasting Furniture 

Another standard way to match wooden floors is to get contrasting with furniture. If your floor is darker then consider going for lighter furniture and the other way around. The contrasting floor and furniture texture will elevate the outlook of any floor space in the house. The contrasting style added with the right lighting can also bring a comfy vibe with a cosy atmosphere to your house. 


Wooden floors are not hard as a tiled floor, they are generally soft on the feet. Adding rugs not only adds a style definition to a plain floor but also reduces the floor’s daily wear and tear and adds an artistic grip to the surfaces. 

Besides going well with wooden floors, rugs also help to define sitting areas in open spaces and anchor sofas and accent chairs into a cohesive group. A sheepskin rug will make a great match for bedrooms, whereas a traditional one will complement wood-floored living rooms. 

Wooden Walls 

If you’re looking to match and bring out the whole country-side rustic appeal of wooden floors, then wood walls are the best option. They go hand-in-hand with wood floors but make sure to get them done from a professional wood flooring company

If you think it is too much wood for your style of preference, then break the intensity by installing them in a few big walls or having a single contrasting wall in a large hall or any other large wall space. You can also consider creating a contrast between hues with wooden walls. For instance, if the floor is dark then make the walls lighter and accordingly. 

Apart from these tips, you can always try your hand at experimenting with what goes well with wooden floors. As wood is a very versatile material the chances of your interior visualisations going wrong are very less.. To minimise risks, first try in a small space and then based on how you like the result, continue with the rest of the house.

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