Parquet Floor

3 Ways To Keep Your Parquet Floor Looking Great All Year Round

October 23, 2019

When it comes to elegant and elaborate wood floors, parquet floorings are a class apart. These unique floors are constructed by carefully fitting wood pieces together to create stunning geometric patterns that add depth and style to any room.  While these dramatic floors were a big trend back in the 1960s, they slowly lost their […]

Wood Flooring

Flooring Ideas To Create The Perfect Scandinavian Vibe In Your Home

October 15, 2019

People and their concept of homes have drastically changed over the years. From small, cozy and slightly cluttered homes, people are now moving towards large and spacious living spaces with minimal furniture and interior decor. This is one reason why Scandinavian style interiors are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. With its […]

wooden flooring dubai


October 14, 2019

Comforting shades of olive green and grey-brown give a deep, cozy warmth and a tranquil expression of recovery and harmony, strengthening our connection with nature. These tones instill a sense of calm and a timeless style regardless of current trends. Materials such as patinated wood, clay and stone match the colour scheme and give the interior an extra dimension. Our new Oak Ombra by Kährs Boardwalk […]

White Wood Floor

The Design Dos And Don’ts Of Using White Wood Floor For Your Home Interiors

October 8, 2019

Homes with white wooden floors are a sight to behold. These interiors are like a blank canvas that can show off the raw beauty of your furniture and other design elements. White floors coupled with white walls create the illusion of an expanse. White-space designs are very popular in the Nordic countries for ages and […]

Nordic Homeworx

Make Your Opinion Count! Vote For Nordic Homeworx

October 1, 2019

This October, we have some really special news to share with you all. InsideOut, UAE’s most popular interior design magazine has nominated Nordic Homeworx for their Reader’s Choice Awards 2019! On this happy note, we would like to invite, our dearest clients to cast your votes for us. Nordic Homeworx has a long-standing history in […]

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