Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring 101: Deciding Between Repair And Replacement

June 23, 2020

With time and exposure to a variety of substances present in its immediate environment, wooden floors can get worn out eventually. It is at this point in time that a decision must be made where you decide to restore the wooden floors to their original lacquer and condition or replace them altogether. In order to […]

Wood Flooring

Perfecting Wood Floors: How To Clean Between The Old Planks

June 16, 2020

Wood floorings are stunning installations that can truly transform the look and feel of an office and home like no other. However, after they have been well placed in position, having to have them cleaned and maintained regularly involves a different regimen as compared to the other normal floorings. Extra care and attention to detail […]

Wood Flooring

How Different Wood Finishings Can Help Change The Look Of Your Home

June 9, 2020

As you begin to build your home or even refurbish, installing the right wood floorings that add to your interior design theme is important. This way, you can holistically construct your space to look elegant and stylish, just the way you want it. After you have selected the desired wood species and color of your […]

Wood Flooring

Selecting Wood For Your Outdoor Projects

June 2, 2020

Outdoor projects are fun additions to your homes and offices that help bring in an innovative stance to your pre-existing space. Oftentimes, outdoor projects involve the use of wooden floor installations amongst other features like furniture and decorative elements and need to be carefully selected to avoid early deterioration. As wood present in the outdoors […]

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