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Using Oak Flooring To Make Your Home Cozier

Noah Caleb
To feature a cozy concept in your home, many considerations need to be made to get the right look. A proven way to ensure that your home perfectly retains its individual style is to install oak flooring that can define cozy in a stylish yet classic manner. Oak wood is a sturdy, balanced and beautiful type of wood that can be styled in multiple patterns to give your home the desired cozy feel. The following list of reasons will convince you as to why you should install oak flooring to make your home cozier.  1. Oak Wood Oak as a wood tree species is a famous one that grows in all kinds of climates and is present in countries all around the world. This hard tree species is used for various crafts and furnishings thanks to the unique grain, texture and natural oils that it produces. This gives the wood a very natural, sleek and perfect look for spaces in need of warmth and coziness. Installing oak floors in multiple colors is possible because it stains well when chemical dyes are used to color the wood. This also applies to chemical treatments, such as providing a high gloss or a matt finish. that is retained well by the wood.  Oak wood is offered as both hardwood and in combination with ply to suit your needs. This allows you to either purchase customized flooring or use generic engineered wood floors depending on your budget. It also affects the convenience of installing oak floors along with the technique and materials needed to do so. Many homeowners also use oak floors as a wall installation in their room to extend the original and warm look of a room. Consulting a home flooring company to find the perfect stain of oak floors for your home’s interiors and decor is always recommended. 2. Versatility  wood flooring company Most, if not all, professional wood flooring installers prefer oak floor installation for its versatility to adapt to any theme of home decor and its incredible strength. Oak as a wood flooring is really strong and durable and is hence offered as a hard wood flooring option in thin as well as thick measurements. Unlike other woods, oak floors are easily stained despite its natural color and can be cut into any shape and size. This allows for oak to be arranged in the herringbone pattern where wood planks are arranged in a V shape or even in a checkered pattern.  The nature of the wood also allows the wood to retain many kinds of finishings such as the original oiled appearance, one with a glossy effect or a classic matt look. The wood can also be painted or burnt to add to its textured look and bring about a distinct pattern. Such modifications add to its versatile character and make it a popular choice in wood flooring. The specialty of oak floors includes blending in with any color or texture of wall paint or wallpaper while also standing out in a subtle yet defined manner. Its unique features allow for oak wood floors to contribute a warm and cozy look to multiple interior designs. 3. Maintenance  To add to the harmony of your room’s look, it is necessary for wood floors to withstand and enhance any and every change that is brought to it. Oak floors are sturdy by nature and therefore moving heavy furniture over it does not cause any damage or harm. It is also very easy to maintain oak wood flooring given the natural oils that are contained within its grain texture. With this kind of texture, any scratches or minor damages that the wood experiences are well blended and makes the floor look otherwise impeccable. Additional protective layers that are applied over the natural oak wood help preserve and protect it for longer. It is also moisture resistant, which increases its product life and makes it nearly impossible to decay or change its shape when it comes in contact with water. This decreases the possibility of the wood warping or twisting over the course of its use. To ensure that your floors remain in their optimum condition, a refurbishing company can help service it and maintain its pristine look for longer. This will also remove any stains or scratches that have been imprinted onto the surface of the oak floors. To know the specifics of maintaining your oak floors it is advisable to consult with a certified wood flooring company for their expertise. 4. Picking the Correct Fit To ensure that the right stain and type of oak wood has been chosen for your home, this small guide of tested and tried ideas will help assure you of your choice. For a cozy look that tends to be more traditional, installing red oak floors is highly recommended. For a more modern look with oak floors, a white oak floor choice would be a better pick. These suggestions work best depending on the lighting available in your room alongside the theme established by your home interiors. A home flooring company can further help you decide which oak floor would best make your home feel cozier. For a timeless design, darker stained oak floors are highly recommended. The dark tones can bring out a classic yet contemporary look in any home irrespective of its infrastructure. The darker shades  also help bring in more warmth, which can help boost the coziness in any room. This tone also complements rugs and furnishings making the interior designing much easier. Aged oak flooring that offers a caramel hue is also a good idea for those going for a combination of cozy and rustic. The house can be made more inviting with the installation of dark and caramel hued oak wood flooring.  If you would instead prefer to install lightwood flooring while also maintaining a cozy environment, pale colors such as limestone or oak wood with white stains would be suitable. A semi-transparent white stain 3-strip oak floor allows the subtle warm oak tones to softly filter through the stain and provide a cozy look. This is done by balancing out the light and dark contrasts in the wood made possible with an ultra-matt lacquer finish. A powder white finish with soft contrast on a 3-strip oak floor would also be a good choice for a combination of lightwood flooring with a cozy setting. wood flooring company To install the ultimate cozy look in your home, opting for floors that are matt lacquered would be the perfect choice. This finish ensures minimum glare reflected from the floor, further adding to the warm and cozy feeling of your home. A clean wood grade with some color variation can further make your space more inviting and comfortable. It is also important to consult with an advisor from a reliable wood flooring company who can offer you specific options to choose from for your space. Cozy interiors often include rugs, fluffy throws and blankets with soft textured pillows that will set well with any stained oak floors. Perfecting the interior decor will be an easy task once you establish your flooring choice. Visit a home flooring company today and start your home renovation with the right advice and expertise to create a cozy home with the perfect oak wood flooring. 
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How To Get Wood Flooring Right The First Time Around

Noah Caleb
Installing the right kind of wood flooring that will suit your home as well as match your interior decor can be tricky given the fact that there are multiple types, textures and colors to choose from when selecting wood flooring. There are also many other considerations such as installing mouldings, underlays, and skirtings for your wooden floor that must be included. Let’s take a look at how you can beautify your space with the right kind of wood flooring. 1. Wood Color A certified wood flooring company can offer a grand variety of wood floors in as many types and colors possible. To begin the selection process, the first consideration that needs to be made is of the wood color. With a variety of colors available including white, grey, medium, mid-dark and dark tones, you can decide on one by gauging at the bigger picture – the design of your home.  If your space has windows that permeate a lot of sunlight in the room, then installing medium, mid-dark or dark toned floors would help enhance the look of your home. For completely enclosed rooms, having light or white floors will help brighten the look of your space. You can also gain advice from professional wood flooring companies for recommendations on which floor would suit your home best. 2. Wood Designs Select a wood design depending on the kind of look you’re going for. Wood designs range from French, Dutch, 1-strip, 2-strip, 3-strip, Herringbone to Chevron. Choosing the right design is important because your wood design can help your room look bigger than it is. For example, the herringbone floor design is installed in a way that each piece of wood is arranged in a V shape that works as an optical illusion to enlarge the space in your room.  Your wooden floor design can also be chosen by deciding on a specific style that you wish to instate in your home. If you intend to remodel your home from scratch, then picking a design that is congruent with other interior styles is recommended.  3. Surface Treatments  wooden flooring dubai You can even decide on the finish of your floorings to further add to the look of your house. The different kinds of finishings include oil and lacquers such as high gloss, matt, silk matt and ultra matt. These options help set a calming effect in the house and ensure harmony between the decor, furnishings as well as the infrastructure. These finishes also offer differing amounts of stability and protection to the floors depending on the presence or absence of gloss and lacquer.  Deciding whether or not glossed wood floors are necessary for your house can be made easy by gauging at the amount of sunlight being filtered in. A higher amount of sunlight would mean that the glossy floors will reflect a lot of light in and around the room. This will make the room and its interiors appear more bright and vivid. Oil floors are best suited for individuals who intend on retaining the original look of wood floors. 4. Wood Species Picking a wood species is another important aspect to be considered when installing wood floors in your home or office space. What different wood species do is offer you a variety in stability, durability, grain as well as color. Each species is also sold at a varying price range depending on all the features that it offers. All the wood species that are made into floors include birch, oak, ash, beech, cherry, hard maple, jarrah, jatoba and walnut.  These wood species retain certain colors which are then offered under the wood color category. Choosing the right wood species is important in setting the right mood and tone for your home. Every wood species is capable of transforming a home in its own way and therefore consulting a flooring expert at a wood flooring company is always a good idea. 5. Wood Thickness The differing thicknesses of wood planks can be chosen depending on the space that is being furnished and the usability of the floors in such areas. The variety of thickness ranges from 7mm to 30mm. The difference in the millimeters lies in the criteria of force and wear and tear that the floor will experience post installment. For spaces that cannot be regularly maintained and cared for, a thicker wood floor would be more fitting. If the floors of the house are even and do not require any further work, then thinner floors are better suited. Thicker wood floors last longer than thinner ones but if you foresee more flooring changes, then installing thin floors is recommended.  6. Fitting Methods wooden flooring dubai On the basis of the space where you need wood floors installed, a specific fitting method is advised. The three kinds of fitting methods that are available in the market include gluing, floating or stapling wood floors. Gluing your wood floors is the most used technique to ensure stable wood flooring installations that avoid air pockets from forming. This prevents the floor from creaking. As for stapling the floorboards together, this is the more advanced version of the nailing method used to fix wood flooring. Nailing the floors is a traditional method where wood panels are nailed in a seamless manner and covered with grooves. The modern method of stapling the floors together is a faster application technique that offers the same desired result.  The floating installation is the most convenient technique of fitting wooden floors that can be done with little to no changes to the original floors. With the help of an underlay, the wood floors can be placed over the regular flooring irrespective of its material. This is a good option for rooms that are small and do not need an advanced strength product.  7. Floor Accessories  The three main floor accessories that your house will need to complete wooden floors are underlays, mouldings, and skirtings. A home flooring company will offer underlays for the Parquet and Laminate floating floors that can help ventilate and seal out moisture from the floors. Furthermore, it reduces impact and drum sound while evening out irregularities in the original sub floors. In addition, an underlay can be used in combination with floor heating for a comfy heated space. This ultimately increases the comfort of walking on wooden floors.  Mouldings are perfect accessories to enhance the look of your wooden floors. They are available in either metal or wood and are different depending on the area of installation, such as stairs versus floors. The styles of mouldings available are T, L and a fold shape to complete the transition between wood floors and other types of flooring. The last accessory is skirtings that are used to blend the wood floors with the walls of the room. The two main types of skirtings are veneered and quadrant beading with the former being offered in different thicknesses. Quadrant beading can be installed either using the nailing or gluing method as compared to veneered skirtings that are put together using clips. Depending on the finish that you are investing in, these accessories can even out your wooden floors too.  These 7 tips are the most important features to consider when selecting wooden floors for your home or office space. Having these pointers covered will ensure that your floors are well installed and look perfect the firm time around. You can prevent the need for further modifications by consulting a technician at a home flooring company in advance before choosing and installing your wood flooring. This will give your home the best wooden floor installation in the most efficient manner.
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Flooring Tips to Maximize Your Room Space

Noah Caleb
The ultimate dilemma is when you’re trying to fit your furniture and your room already begins to look and feel cramped. While all of us have basic furniture requirements, what often appears to be the case is that in our search for an ideal space that meets all our needs, we tend to occupy a space beyond its ability, and occupied spaces lack charm. Cramped spaces have a common tendency to reflect clutter rather than elegance.   With minimalism, what started as a movement progressed to all fields and emphasized aesthetic simplicity. It was originally derived from the Japanese Zen philosophy. The Zen philosophy places its utmost value on simplicity as a means to achieve inner peace. What is often observed in Japanese architecture is the reflection of this simplicity and inner peace. Japanese aesthetic principles are always in search of the innate beauty in objects, giving value to their natural state. This is also known as wabi-sabi. Another principle in Japanese culture is ma, meaning emptiness, and it is the need for large open spaces to reveal a spatial emptiness, which further calls for the contemplation of essential forms.  Continue reading

Incorporating Scandinavian and Industrial Interior Design in Your Home

Noah Caleb
Word is that the latest interior design architects are turning towards Scandinavian and industrial design aesthetics to create spaces that strike a quiet balance between minimalism and raw rustic charm, and turns out it’s a match made in heaven. The contradiction between the quiet wintry European Scandinavian look and the blunt detailing of industrial design turns out to be a great match surprisingly. However, before we look at how these completely different styles of decor hit the right chords, let’s take a look at what their individual styles comprise of. Continue reading
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Bringing The Vibrant Concepts Of Maximalism To Wood Flooring

Noah Caleb
Minimalism has been around for a while now. Interior designers and architects have seen an increasing demand for homeowners wanting to keep their home and office decor very understated, elegant and classic. However, the latest ideas in the design space and the dawn of the ‘íf you’ve got it, flaunt it’ age, has seen a rise in customers looking to up the ante when it comes to interior design, especially with respect to wood flooring. Continue reading
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Unconventional Wood Flooring Ideas For Your Apartment

Noah Caleb
A luxury statement by itself, hardwood flooring seems to be a part of the most gorgeous homes on the market. If you’ve entered a room and found it to be modern chic, chances are the floors are hardwood. Since they come in a bunch of varieties, you can play with the design aesthetics of a room by incorporating them in different spaces of your home. We spoke to the best wood flooring companies in Dubai to bring you the most unconventional 2020 wood flooring trends that will stay beautiful for years to come. Continue reading

10 Reasons To Say Yes To Hardwood Flooring In Your Home

Noah Caleb
With so many different flooring options to choose from, hardwood flooring might seem like an expensive option. However, when you consider the durability and lifespan of hardwood floors, it’s one of the best flooring choices to opt for if you’re considering a home improvement project. With the exception of kitchens, bathrooms and other usually damp areas, hardwood flooring is a classic material to choose from for almost any other room in the house, including bedrooms. While the warmth, coziness and sound-dampening qualities of carpeting are quite popular in bedrooms, more and more homeowners are opting to remove existing carpets to either expose the existing hardwood floors or lay solid hardwood planks to give their room a classic makeover. If you’re still unsure about why you should pick hardwood floors, read on to find out the pros of using this premium material flooring. Continue reading

7 Hardwood Flooring Options To Brighten Up Your Home

Noah Caleb
If you’ve ever walked into a home and immediately thought that it was a beautiful classic home, chances are the house had wooden flooring. This is not to say carpet floored homes aren’t gorgeous but one of the many advantages of using wooden flooring is that the look of natural wood works well with many decorating styles allowing versatility when you redecorate. It also provides a hardwearing, practical surface that will age gracefully, whether you choose to go with solid, engineered or laminated boards. So if you’re looking to create a classic backdrop to any contemporary interior while keeping it functional, engineered wooden flooring should be your go-to choice. Read on to find out the 7 best wood flooring options to opt for in your home. Continue reading
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7 Interior Design Trends To Prepare You For Dubai’s Winter

Noah Caleb
As the weather changes and the temperature cools down, the people of the UAE are getting ready for the 2019 winter. So, have you started making changes in and around your home to welcome the new season? From interior designs to color tones for the winter, our designers at Nordic Homeworx are looking at home interiors as a whole this year.  While we still focus on providing the best wood flooring for Dubai homes, here are a few tips to help accentuate your lovely abode in other ways. Continue reading



According to trend forecasters, a new pastel shade of green named neo mint will dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors in 2020. Neo mint is a gender-neutral colour with an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature. Combined with our Kährs Ash Air wood floor, you will have a weightless interior with a modern feel.

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