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This absolutely gorgeous Mirador villa in Arabian Ranches is the ultimate representation of the romantic Shabby Chic style.

The owners of this fabulous home couldn’t have selected a more suitable floor than Oak Danaborg by Kährs Craftsman Collection to bring all the beautiful, distressed and rustic/romantic furniture and decorative items together.

What a great representation of how to stray away from the norm and make your home chic yet personal and child-friendly. We L-O-V-E this home!

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Images by Studio Zee for Nordic Homeworx




While strolling around Eindhoven a couple of weeks ago, we stumbled upon Piet Hein Eek’s workshop and restaurant. Piet Hein Eek is a Dutch designer best known for his scrapwood furniture range that he creates using scraps of reclaimed wood. Each piece of beautiful, timeless and unique furniture is lovingly hand-crafted by Eek and is designed and made to last.

Eek is a great source of inspiration and demonstrates many innovative ways to use scraps of wood to give them a new life and function while enhancing their natural beauty. This is definitely a place to stop by if you are ever in Eindhoven. However, this might very well be Eindhoven’s most well-hidden gem, so do check out a location map prior to hitting the road. For more information, visit

Eek’s scrapwood chair, among his other designs, can all be seen and experienced in his restaurant.




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