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We’re currently having Swedish singer Tommy Nilsson’s hit “Dina Färger Var Blå” (a classic summer song) on repeat, dreaming of the beautiful Swedish summer!

And one of the most iconic summer spots in Sweden is the beautiful island Gotland, known for its medieval architecture, rugged beaches with azure waters lapping the shoreline, sand dunes and mile upon mile of beach with panoramic views of the Baltic Sea.

And therefore, this month the colours we’re loving are the azure blue, creamy white, sandy beige and stone grey colours of Gotland.

Our Floor of the Month for July, Kährs Oak Dew, is the perfect ode to the Swedish summer and rustic nature of Gotland. It’s white oil patina enhances the distinctive texture found in the oak for a fresh, coastal look. It’s the perfect floor that will warm up a more modern scheme while it’s rustic nature will accentuate a more “country” interior. A truly versatile floor that works for any scheme.




Absolute love for the beautiful Yvonne Koné store in Copenhagen, Denmark ?

Yvonne Koné’s store is so perfectly clean and elegant. We love the contrast of the suave minty blue/grey/teal coloured walls; the rustic grey-washed wood floor and the exotic green banana leaf tree, making an inspirational and unexpected space.

To get the look, we suggest opting for our Ydre wood floor by Kährs Småland Collection. With its grey-brown nuances reminiscent of frost salt and seaweed, the handscraped, flowing surface follows the structure giving each board a worn feeling.




Images via Seventeen Doors



We’re currently seeing an updated interpretation of 70’s retro-glam interiors with rich petrol blues and golden accents juxtaposed with materials and textures in cold neutral tones. For example, the combination of a petrol-blue velour sofa with brass legs, a greige wood floor, crispy white walls and gold deco details.

To achieve the look, select Kährs Vinga by our new Götaland Collection: a floor where the light cold grey stain appears to have been worn down, revealing the natural oak base.


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Ok, we admit it. As soon as we enter June, the daydreaming about summer holidays begins. Ah, just imagine spending your days out by the water,  just inhaling all that wonderful salty air. And having that sensation of slightly warmer-than-usual sunkissed skin at the end of the day while you’re having dinner under a romantic sunset. Sharing lots of laughter and love with friends and family. Spending your days surrounded by nature’s own colours and textures, overlooking the sun’s rays glittering on the water surface daily. That soothing sound of the waves hitting shore.

The seas and oceans of the world are as intimidating as they are fascinating. So vast, pure, beautiful and powerful. And the colours are especially inspirational. So it is no surprise that we often see a tanned tone of wood flooring (we suggest the appropriately named Kährs Oak Tan wood floor) combined with shades of white and nautical blues in the many images of coastal homes. The combination of colours creates that perfect sense of harmony in interiors.

We’re lucky we live in a coastal city like Dubai where the nautical style will always be in vogue. It may be a very specific style, but it’s one that will guaranteed leave your space feeling calm and relaxed, day after day. Wouldn’t you want to live like that?

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The top trend colour for 2014 perfectly combines the natural harmony of green with the tranquillity of blue and has a richness that reminds us of shimmering tropical waters. Reflecting the overriding trend of unlocking, this muted teal has a gentle character and is a favourite in the world of design.

This year’s colour is surprisingly versatile and works well with other colours. Our current favourite is a minty-teal tone that adds a freshness to a clean black and white base. We often talk about how important it is to keep a clean base- the base of the canvas, and black and white is always a good idea if you love that contemporary Scandinavian feel! Creating a solid base makes it easy to then add on a trendy colour or tone without having to make any drastic changes.

We’re feeling really inspired by the combination of a black wood floor such as Kährs Oak Castle with a minty-teal wall colour and white/high gloss decorative details. An ultra-calm and soothing, yet fresh and crisp feel.

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Blue is reliable and responsible. It seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation. Blue reduces stress – creating a sense of calm, relaxation and order.

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