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When I was in elementary school in Sweden we had to participate in woodshop classes as part of our education (yep, DIY really is that important over there). And as a final exam, we had to compete in assembling the most complex piece of IKEA furniture in the shortest amount of time. Just kidding!

Jokes aside, I was really happy to stumble upon this great DIY project that takes me back to those fun woodshop classes. My favourite tool was not the exhilarating saw machine or let-all-your-frustrations-out hammer, but the fantastically fun solid-tip burners (aka “glow pens”) that could burn/draw on wood.

These etched wooden spoons by Design Mom are a perfect example of how to transform something plain into an object of desire. Who knew wooden spoons could be so much fun? Text, designs or illustrations – follow your creative intuitions and burn away!



Your child’s room is their space to grow, discover and inspire creativity. But that does not mean that every square inch of your child’s room should necessarily be filled up with colourful objects. Too. Much. Information. Remember, less is more! Create a clean base where some colour can then be added in a strategic and harmonious way.

For example, we’re loving the retro cool look for kids rooms. It is a really great concept where you combine old with new in a fun, hipster kind of way. Keep a clean base with white wood flooring (such as the always fresh-looking Oak Nouveau Snow by Kährs), crisp white walls and large furniture pieces in white, for the room to feel light and bright. Liven up the room with either a wallpaper in a retro-cool print, paint one of the walls in dusty pastel colours, or hang some fun posters and quirky quotes.

Someone who does retro cool perfectly is Riika from Weekday Carnival, she’s a great source of inspiration for kids rooms, and one of our favourite interior design blogs to read.

Images by Trendenser | Pinterest | Weekday Carnival




I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the versatile and fun objects is the IKEA Frosta stool made out of birch plywood. It can be used for anything from seating to storage to a fully-functional transportation device. I even have a pair that I use as bedside tables.

Yes, it is strikingly similar to Artek’s classic Stool 60, but at AED 39.00 per piece, this stool can definitely become a fun DIY project and be converted/remade in a series of ways at a really affordable price.

If for example you simply want to “pimp” the stool to make it a personalised contemporary piece of furniture, you can simply do so with the help of a little bit of paint and a roll of masking tape. Here are a couple of great examples, as shown by Trendenser:


Another great idea is a little bit more complex, but totally cool and fun for kids: a dandy horse! Known as the forerunner to the bicycle (sans pedals), a dandy horse is a really fun toy and transportation device that kids love. Here’s a great DIY tutorial by Instructables (full instructions here), using two Frosta stools:




We are really loving this on-trend trivet that combines natural wood with copper. Made from a simple rounded pine wood stick and copper corner pieces (i.e. piping) from any hardware store. Super simple yet very elegant and modern.

You need:

•     30cm wooden stick
•     Saw
•     Glue
•     Copper corner pieces from hardware store


1.   Saw four 7cm long pieces from wooden stick.
2.   Connect wooden sticks and copper pieces to each other with glue.

For more DIY ideas, visit Weekday Carnival’s inspirational blog [here]

Images and DIY instructions by Weekday Carnival




This incredibly cute and unique birch stool is a simple and fun DIY project. Follow the guide below to find out how you can turn a simple IKEA stool into a fun piece of art. Completely customizable to your own liking!


– stool (e.g. IKEA’s FROSTA stool)
– masking tape
– acrylic paint
– varnish
– power drill + 1/4 drill bit for wood
– wool in 4 different colors
– large-eye needle that will fit your wool
– paper and a printer



1. Print out this cross-stitch flower pattern (you can click on the link to view then print, or right click to save the file to your computer).
2. Tape the pattern to the top part of the stool so it won’t move. Using a push pin or other needle through the paper, mark each corner of the Xs on the pattern – it will show you where you have to drill holes.
3. Drill holes with your power drill where you made the tiny marks. As you’re drilling, make sure to avoid any screws that are already in the stool to hold the legs. Do so by drilling sideways into the wood whenever a hole is meant to be direcly above a screw. Dust off the stool so that it’s clean for the painting part.
4. Use masking tape to cover that sides of the leg that aren’t going to be painted.
5. Paint the edges of the legs and the top part. Let dry. Add as many coats of paint as necessary until you are happy with the result.
6. Varnish the painted areas.
7. Let the stool dry for a few hours. Once it is completely dry, thread your needle with the wool and start cross-stitching your way through the flower pattern. If you have never cross-stitched before, you’ll see, it’s easy – just find a tutorial on youtube!
8. You’re done!

PS: If you like this stool but drilling holes ain’t your thing, you can just paint the cross-stitch flower on your stool instead. Super easy and you’ll get a very similar look!

Images and tutorial by This Little Street and IKEA




Looking for a highly unique and sustainable coffee table? Skip the mass-produced! This tutorial for a DIY coffee table made from left-over wood pallets is very easy to follow and you will end up with a cool coffee table with high functionality. Paint it in your favourite colour and store your books, magazine and decorative items. This table will surely be a great conversation-starter with visitors!

For full tutorial, visit Scraphacker.

Images by Scraphacker




If you are looking for a unique shelving unit at an affordable price, we’ve got a great DIY project for you!

This stackable shelf made out of IKEA’s PRÄNT plywood boxes has been a major hit, especially in Sweden this year. And at only Dhs 79 per box (with lid), it’s a bargain!

Since the boxes are made out of plywood, they are quite sturdy. You can choose to paint the inside/outside of the boxes since they are sold as “raw” plywood boxes, stack and then fastened together using “heavy duty” clips found in most stationary stores. The beauty of this shelf is that if you get tired of the design, you can always unclip and re-stack the boxes to get a new look – and you could always add/remove boxes at any time.

 Images by Trendenser and IKEA




A doormat is probably one of the most overlooked items a homeowner can have in their home. It does not seem to hold much aesthetic significance, especially if it is kept outdoors. But this this little gem revolutionizes our perception of doormats. Not only is it made out of wood – which we love – but it adds a punch of colours that will brighten up your day, everyday. And the best part is that you can make it yourself!

A full DIY manual is available via Lowe’s Creative Ideas

Images by Lowe’s Creative Ideas




If you enjoy a fun DIY project, then have a look at these really creative coasters out of slices of birch (tree) that are both incredibly inspiring and easy to make. Full DIY tutorial available by Lou at Happy Serendipity.

Guaranteed that no two pieces will be alike. Perfectly imperfect!


Images by Happy Serendipity