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Inspired by the colours of a wintery landscape, we are loving the combination of suave cream-white tones with wintery green accents. Try layering different textures and materials in similar tones, as well as the occasional brass detail, creating an understated boho-elegance. Low maintenance leafy green plants and other rustic materials in wood, concrete and linen will add a natural touch to your space. Creating harmony in the contrasts.

Kährs Pale is our Floor of the Month for January. It is the perfect base for a light, nordic style interior with its semi transparent white stain with balanced contrast that allows the warm oak nuances to shine through.

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We are feeling inspired by the recent celebrations of Midsummer in Sweden and the most anticipated season that is summer. A time of romance, happiness and being outdoors; when flowers blossom and nature flourishes – a time when we celebrate the seemingly endless light of day.

That is why we have selected Kährs Pale wood flooring as our Floor of the Month for July (during July 1-July 31). Pale has a beautiful semi transparent white colour with balanced contrast that allows the warm oak nuances to shine through. It is the perfect base for a light, Nordic-style interior – reminiscent of the bright Swedish summer.


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Feldgrau is a greenish grey colour and beautifully combines with other earthy tones, such as taupe and khaki. This suave colour combination is timeless, suitable for any style of interiors, from vintage to contemporary. One example is the vintage-infused “hipster” style of interiors (check out the gorgeous Ace Hotel as an example) that we love!

Kährs Oak Ulf is a true rustic wood floor where the surface is handcrafted and deeply brushed to enhance the beauty and specific characteristics of each and every board. Stained to a warm dark green/grey that gives it a rich colour tone. We really love this cosy, earthy floor.

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It’s no mystery that the Nordic Homeworx team loves trees. Kährs is one of the most – if not the most – sustainable wood flooring company in the world. And we wanted to be able to give back to our environment right here in the UAE, the place we call home. Think Global – Act Local! So on May 1, the Nordic Homeworx team made an excursion out to Al Barari’s beautiful Greenworks Nursery to plant 80 Ghaf tree seeds that we donated to the Give a Ghaf – Tree Planting Programme! Below are some pictures from our wonderful morning spent at the Greenworks Nursery for the next two years, until they are strong enough to be given back to UAE’s local community and donated to parks, schools or urban areas where natural shade and greenery are needed.

So what is a Ghaf Tree?
An indigenous species, specifically of the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia, the Ghaf is a drought – tolerant, evergreen tree which is, possibly, the sturdiest plant of the harsh desert environment In the UAE, it can be seen growing on low sand dunes, undulating sand sheets and along margins of gravel plains mostly in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Today the Ghaf is being over-lopped and over-grazed to destruction. Ghaf groves are succumbing to urbanization and rapid infrastructure development. An accelerating decline in Ghaf trees and woodlands would imply a loss in cultural and biological heritage, and Goumbook wants to lead its conservation by giving the opportunity to plant the wild Ghaf and preserve its aesthetical, cultural and ecological significance. Goumbook has launched the “Give a Ghaf” program to encourage people plant Ghaf trees and help protect one of the world’s most valuable symbols of the living desert.

Give a Ghaf Tree Planting Programme /

Images by Studio Zee




The top trend colour for 2014 perfectly combines the natural harmony of green with the tranquillity of blue and has a richness that reminds us of shimmering tropical waters. Reflecting the overriding trend of unlocking, this muted teal has a gentle character and is a favourite in the world of design.

This year’s colour is surprisingly versatile and works well with other colours. Our current favourite is a minty-teal tone that adds a freshness to a clean black and white base. We often talk about how important it is to keep a clean base- the base of the canvas, and black and white is always a good idea if you love that contemporary Scandinavian feel! Creating a solid base makes it easy to then add on a trendy colour or tone without having to make any drastic changes.

We’re feeling really inspired by the combination of a black wood floor such as Kährs Oak Castle with a minty-teal wall colour and white/high gloss decorative details. An ultra-calm and soothing, yet fresh and crisp feel.

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When in doubt about combining colours, I always say it’s best to look to nature for inspiration. And why shouldn’t we? After all, nature is associated with harmony for a reason. Vibrant, manmade colours might be great for accents, but for a base that you will never tire of and that will certainly never go out of style, nature’s own colour schemes (and textures) are truly the best, and most sustainable, source of inspiration.

Combining soft greys, dusty-olive greens and rich cocoa brown patinas for your base, you will create a classically elegant combination that will definitely bring harmony to your home. Depending on your personal style, you can calibrate the masculine-to-feminine feel to this colour scheme – the key lies entirely in the finishing touches.

A beautiful wood floor such as Oak Ulf by Kährs Founders Collection is the perfect tone of olive/grey/brown. Handcrafted and deeply brushed to enhance the beauty and specific characteristics of each and every board.

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Decorating in neutrals is beautiful but can also be hard to achieve. When working with neutral colors (gray, brown, white, beige), it is important to add plenty of living plants for a space to be balanced and not feel too flat. Green plants make any living room more welcoming. A green plant and a splash of green accent here and there creates a more homey feeling and adds freshness to the room.

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