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We are in love with our client’s majestic Spanish style home in The Villa, Dubailand with a perfectly elegant and airy feel. We have installed two rustic wood floors in this villa, the white-washed Kährs Oak Linen and natural oak coloured Kährs Husk. Both floors look absolutely beautiful and complement the home perfectly.

View more images of this stunning home here. Great inspiration!

Oak Linen The VillaHusk The VillaImages by Studio Zee for Nordic Homeworx




Feldgrau is a greenish grey colour and beautifully combines with other earthy tones, such as taupe and khaki. This suave colour combination is timeless, suitable for any style of interiors, from vintage to contemporary. One example is the vintage-infused “hipster” style of interiors (check out the gorgeous Ace Hotel as an example) that we love!

Kährs Oak Ulf is a true rustic wood floor where the surface is handcrafted and deeply brushed to enhance the beauty and specific characteristics of each and every board. Stained to a warm dark green/grey that gives it a rich colour tone. We really love this cosy, earthy floor.

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This past Tuesday we went out with our friends Studio Zee to photograph one of our exciting projects in Dubai: Yamanote Atelier. We have installed our white 3-strip Kährs Oak Limestone wood flooring at this charming Japanese bakery located in Al Wasl Square.

We fell in love with their fresh, contemporary interiors as well as their Nutella-filled Hello Kitty pastries- which are as delicious as they are adorable! Ended up bringing a whole bunch of them back to the office for the Nordic Homeworx team to enjoy. An utter delicacy for your Instagram AND your tummy. Yum.

View more pictures of Yamanote here.

Yamanote Atelier - Japanese Bakery - DUBAIPhotography by Studio Zee




This apartment in the luxurious Elite Residence tower in Dubai Marina has a breathtaking view over the Arabian Sea and carefully selected bespoke Italian furnishings. The home has an overall cool, masculine feel and the Kährs Oak Oyster wood floor adds a rustic touch as well as a softness to the crisp space. View more pictures of this home here.

P.S. We wouldn’t mind watching the 2014 World Cup on that big screen!

Images by Studio Zee Photography




On April 29, 2014 we held our first Installation Training at our newly-launched Kährs Academy and it was a great success! All our participants were very enthusiastic and interacted with our trainers throughout the entire session.

Kährs Academy was established by Nordic Homeworx to satisfy a growing need for certified wood flooring installers in the region. By letting Kährs Academy train an installation team, our commercial clients secure a solid quality assurance all throughout the installation process. Kährs Academy can tailor-make training programmes based on installers’ level of knowledge, requests and needs. Upon completion of the course, all participants receive a certificate.

Here is feedback from one of our participants:

On behalf of AMBB Interiors, let me extend our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to Kährs Academy for arranging an excellent training programme for installation of timber floors. I am sure we will definitely benefit from the experience and knowledge gained by our carpenters during this course. We appreciate all your efforts in communicating and imparting the correct knowledge and understanding of the said works. We will definitely look forward to sending in more carpenters to get a proper understanding with regards to installation of timber floor.

– Mohd. Farooque, AMBB Interiors

For information and course bookings for our next Installation Training sessions, please click here.

Photography by Studio Zee




The first thought that came to mind when seeing this one-bedroom apartment in central Stockholm was: urban tropic. That’s how I feel is the best way to describe the style of this funky home. What makes this home so interesting is that there is a clear mix of vibrant classic caribbean colours (the wallpaper behind the bed kind of also gives it away) and muted urban vintage/hipster accents. Not necessarily a combination I would have thought possible to achieve in an aesthetic way, but this homeowner has pulled it off marvellously.

This goes to show that dark wood flooring does not necessarily need to be limited to large, open spaces filled with windows and light. A dark floor does not necessarily darken, or make a space feel smaller, if done in the right way. The key lies, as always, in the foundation – the base – of the apartment. All mouldings and major finishes are in pure white, and the contrast of the dark wood floor gives the space depth and warmth, and the space is successfully feeling airy and cozy at the same time.

Kährs Oak Lava is a 3-strip floor with a brushed, black pigmented, matt lacquer finish, and is currently available in stock in Dubai. Visit our showroom today for a consultation with one of our Wood Flooring Specialists and to experience the wonderful world of Kährs wood flooring.

Kährs Oak Lava

Images by Fantastic Frank




Decorate your home in a simple, elegant and modern Scandinavian style this Christmas! And we say fake-it-’til-you-make-it with snow white Kährs Oak Nouveau Snow wood flooring. All-year coolness factor.

Oak Nouveau Snow

Images via Tumblr & Nordic Homeworx




Last week we had the pleasure of photographing one of our clients’ homes – a beautiful apartment in the elegant Marina Quays.

This bright home with a killer view over the Dubai Marina has beautiful metallic details, a luxurious marble kitchen island, high gloss white finishes, light petrol blue wall colour (very on-trend) and a cozy checkered Hästens bed that together creates a clean, contemporary feel. The truly rustic wood floor, Kährs Oak Oyster, gives the home a balance and adds warmth and coziness. A perfect complement to contemporary interiors.

View more images of this beautiful apartment here.

Images by Studio Zee for Nordic Homeworx




Old meets new and modern in this charming loft apartment. The already extremely bright space gets further enhanced with the white wood floor, clean lines, sheer curtains and minimal, monochrome furniture.

Kährs Oak Nouveau Snow wood floor has a distinct white hue on a naturally colour varying oak, with defining white bevels and occasional white and darker knots. The surface is brushed and matt lacquered to enhance the natural wood feeling. A classic and hardwearing wood floor that will last for generations.

Images by Fantastic Frank & Nordic Homeworx




Last weekend we had the pleasure of taking pictures of this cozy bungalow-style Green Community villa owned by a lovely Turkish family. It is always a pleasure to see a beautiful wood floor such as Kährs Crater Oak in a real family home. The wood flooring itself is very interesting. Not only is it smoked with lots of knots and gnarls but it is also handscraped, giving the floor that ultimate rustic feel that feels heavenly underfoot. Even the family cat loves it.

The first thought that came to mind when we entered the home was: Orient Express and its glory-days. With classic European-style wallpapers and panelling, old antiquities, rustic furniture and beautifully aged Turkish leather and textiles (including the two beautiful floor-cushions which were originally a couple of 100-year old carpets), this home exemplifies East-meets-West.

Along with a large dose of that well-known Turkish hospitality from the owner, we really felt that this home really is just that – hospitable and cozy. A real home.

To view more images of this home, please click here.

Images by Studio Zee for Nordic Homeworx