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Our client, Ulrika Hedlund, Co-founder and Managing Director of Dubai-based Business Productivity, transformed a standard Rimal apartment in Jumeriah Beach Residence into a beautiful family home.

Ulrika, a Swedish native, wanted to create a cozy home for herself, her husband and three children that reflected their Swedish heritage and enhanced the beautiful views over JBR and Palm Jumeirah, as well as the glittering turquoise sea.

Along with other major changes done by Noaf Interiors, Ulrika selected two of our classic Swedish wood floors: the 2-strip Kährs Oak Verona & 3-strip Kährs Oak Siena instead of the standard floor tiles to complete the overall look and feel of her home.


Here is what Ulrika had to say about her experience with us:

Q: How was your overall experience with Nordic Homeworx?

A: The overall experience dealing with Nordic Homeworx has been extremely positive – from the first viewing of the floor in the founders own home, to showroom demonstrations, installation and post-installation fixes. Everyone we have met along the way has been very professional and service-minded.

Q: How has having a natural wood floor in hour home affected everyday living?

A: The floor really makes a huge difference, making the apartment feel like “home”.

Q: Did you find our installers kept your house clean?

A: The installers were very quick and clean.

Q: Do you feel that this flooring increases the value of your home?

A: I absolutely feel the floor increases the value of our home. It makes it stand out from other apartments and gives it an overall feeling of high-end quality.

Here are some before & after pictures of Ulrika’s home. You can also view more images of Ulrika’s home here. What a transformation!

Living / Kitchen:

Apartment Hedlund - before - 3 copy

Apartment Rimal 1 JBR - 7 copy


Apartment Hedlund - before - 4 copy

Apartment Rimal 1 JBR - 1 copy

All photography by Studio Zee



Last week we visited our client’s apartment with our trusted partner Studio Zee for a photoshoot of their newly renovated home. We had been to the apartment back in November 2016, before renovations began, in order to get some before shots – and we are so happy we did because what a transformation it was!

Here are a some before and after pictures of the client’s apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai:





As you can see, the client made huge some pretty big changes in their apartment – including going from the standard tiles to our natural Kährs Oak Verona wood flooring. We love!

You can view all the pictures of the client’s apartment here.



Happy June everyone!

This morning, we kicked off the new month with a photoshoot with our trusted (and hilarious) photographer Marko Zirdum from Studio Zee at the recently opened (and super cozy) Eat Greek Kouzina restaurant at The Beach Dubai, where we have installed our Kährs Oak Trollaborg wood flooring!

Keep an eye out for our completed photographs from the shoot, going live very soon!




It’s no mystery that the Nordic Homeworx team loves trees. Kährs is one of the most – if not the most – sustainable wood flooring company in the world. And we wanted to be able to give back to our environment right here in the UAE, the place we call home. Think Global – Act Local! So on May 1, the Nordic Homeworx team made an excursion out to Al Barari’s beautiful Greenworks Nursery to plant 80 Ghaf tree seeds that we donated to the Give a Ghaf – Tree Planting Programme! Below are some pictures from our wonderful morning spent at the Greenworks Nursery for the next two years, until they are strong enough to be given back to UAE’s local community and donated to parks, schools or urban areas where natural shade and greenery are needed.

So what is a Ghaf Tree?
An indigenous species, specifically of the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia, the Ghaf is a drought – tolerant, evergreen tree which is, possibly, the sturdiest plant of the harsh desert environment In the UAE, it can be seen growing on low sand dunes, undulating sand sheets and along margins of gravel plains mostly in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Today the Ghaf is being over-lopped and over-grazed to destruction. Ghaf groves are succumbing to urbanization and rapid infrastructure development. An accelerating decline in Ghaf trees and woodlands would imply a loss in cultural and biological heritage, and Goumbook wants to lead its conservation by giving the opportunity to plant the wild Ghaf and preserve its aesthetical, cultural and ecological significance. Goumbook has launched the “Give a Ghaf” program to encourage people plant Ghaf trees and help protect one of the world’s most valuable symbols of the living desert.

Give a Ghaf Tree Planting Programme /

Images by Studio Zee