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”Natten går tunga fjät…” ?

Glad Lucia! On December 13, we celebrate Saint Lucy’s Day in Sweden with traditional songs, delicious saffron-flavoured buns (lussekatter), gingersnaps (pepparkakor) and mulled wine (glögg) or coffee! ?

Why not try baking your own Lussekatter & Pepparkakor? Click here for the recipes.


Image via Linda Lomelino



Happy Easter! ?

Did you know that in Sweden, children usually dress up as witches for Easter? Clad in discarded clothes, colourful headscarves, red-painted cheeks and black freckles, and carrying a basket and occasionally a broomstick; they go from house to house in their neighbourhoods, knocking on doors in hopes of receiving sweets in exchange for their drawings.




We are now live at Downtown Design! We welcome you to come by and say hello at booth A02!

We’re really proud of our “Scandinavian Loft” concept. Our goal was to create a bright, timeless (yet modern) and inviting space for our visitors to gain a better of understanding of how a natural wood floor by Kährs of Sweden can affect the ambiance and look of a space.

The focus this year for us, along with the launch of our new Kährs Chevron Collection, is “a modern take on a classic” which Scandinavias do so well! We are so happy to be able to bring a piece of Sweden’s design and quality to Dubai and the Middle East. Absolutely love the combination of our new Kährs Chevron Grey floor with the beautiful Muuto and &Tradition furniture, Mr Perswall white brick wallpaper and Rubn Long John pendants by our friends at D.Tales ✨ Total Scandi-heaven!

And what’s more, we were honoured with the special visit of the Ambassador of Sweden in the UAE, H.E. Jan Thesleff during the VIP preview yesterday! ??









unnamed-3Photography by Studio Zee



Black is brooding and mysterious. Black is luxurious and rock ‘n’ roll.

Black is everything.

Today we’re feeling really inspired by our beautiful Kährs Oak Nouveau Charcoal floor. A bold black wood floor with a brushed, matt lacquered surface that enhances each natural grain of the wood.


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In mid-June, school is out and nature has burst into life. It seems like the sun never sets. In fact, in the north of Sweden it doesn’t, and in the south only for an hour or two. This calls for celebration! Friends and family gather for the most typically Swedish tradition of all: Midsummer. Learn more about Swedish Midsummer here.

Midsummer will be celebrated in Sweden this weekend, starting tomorrow – Friday, June 20. Glad Midsommar!



Ash is a strong, hard wood species, even harder than Oak. This wood species is pale in a typical Scandinavian way with fine, brown streaks and few discreet knots. It has a relatively long grain and ambers over the years. Ash is used to make tools, wood flooring and furniture. Some of Kährs Ash floors have strong color variations that really bring them to life.

This cozy villa incorporates classic Scandinavian 1-strip Ash wood flooring with impressive ceiling heights, graphic Moroccan tiles, sleek &tradition stools, a large dining area and an overall rugged-yet-contemporary style to the home.

On the first floor, we find Ash Sandvig – a light, exclusive 1-strip floor. Nature’s own design with knots and a lively structure. A characteristic is its bi-colour pattern with a soft white matt lacquer, giving the otherwise rustic-looking floor a contemporary and airy feel.

On the second floor we find a very similar, yet different 1-strip Ash wood floor. Ash Gotland makes a bold statement and gives a warm and cozy feel to the more private family space upstairs with its darker core that creates fantastic patterns.

Though these two Ash wood floors are very similar and harmoniously create a common theme throughout the home, the finish is what differentiates them not only in appearances, but on the overall affect they will have on a space. Brilliant!

Ash SandvigAsh Gotland

Images by Fantastic Frank & Nordic Homeworx