Tips To Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring Good As New

April 14, 2022

A flush looking hardwood flooring is a pride for every home. Hardwood is chosen for its many advantages including the sturdiness, longevity, requirement for less maintenance and the elegant look it confers to your rooms. They are durable and quite easy to care of, which makes them a widely sought after flooring option. However, a certain amount of maintenance will help keep the floor in its best condition. These are simple pieces of advice, which do not consume much time or effort to keep your new floor looking beautiful and fresh as ever. They can be easily incorporated into your cleaning routine to achieve flooring that garners the neighbors’ envy!


Leave The Dirt Outside

The most basic of all tips is to simply keep your home clean of sand and gravel. Most of the dirt in our homes comes from outside. While it is recommended to sweep the home at least once everyday, or vacuum once a week, an even better solution is to prevent the dirt from entering the house. Using quality door mats can help achieve this, and thus protect the lifetime of your wood flooring from potentially damaging materials. Light colored wood flooring calls for more attention, and would require frequent cleaning as they are more prone to wear and dirt. Owing to their light color, dirt will also be noticeable and will make your flooring look dull. 


Prevent Flooring Scratches 

One of the common ways even the strongest of hardwood floors loses its appeal is due to the scratches caused by dragging heavy and bulky furniture. It is possible to avoid this by using protective pads on the furniture for chairs, sofa, and table legs. It can effectively prevent scrapes, or wear and tear to the floor. 


Choose The Right Cleaning Method

For hardwood flooring, the most suitable cleaning method is dry cleaning. Wet cleaning can cause your wooden floors to swell, and damage it. Vacuuming and brushing the floor regularly is good for maintaining the newness of your flooring. It is possible to occasionally use a damp, well-wring out mop or cloth to clean the flooring surface. 


Remove Stains Immediately

If something has been spilled on your floor, which leaves a mark or stain, it is important to get it removed immediately using the right stain removal solution which does not corrode the color and shine of your floor. Avoid cleaning fluids which contain ammonia. In the case of oiled wood flooring, using strong stain removing agents and hard scrubbing can be very adverse as it leads to discolouration. This is applicable to lacquered wood floors as well, as it affects the lacquer. 


Maintain The Shine

Timely and regular maintenance can help freshen up the glaze of your hardwood floors. Oiled floors should be treated directly after installation as well as once a year thereafter. Lacquered floors too should be re-touched regularly as both of them become extremely hard to clean and care for if the surface suffers scratches or dullness. Applying a new coat of finish or refinishing every few years can renew its splendor. 

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