Wood Flooring Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Look Stunning

April 10, 2024

wood flooring decor ideas

When beautifying your home, choosing the best wood flooring isn’t enough. You also need to take into account the colours of your walls, furniture, and other home accessories and make sure they blend well with your floors.

Here are some wood flooring decorating ideas that you can try to make your home look stunning and stylish.

Complementary Colors: Choose a Color Palette That Complements Your Wood Floors

The first thing you want to do is think about the overall look of your room. And in doing so, choose a colour scheme that complements your floors. It’s a simple way to match your home interior with your floors.

To get started, take a look at the undertones of your wood floors. One usually finds colours in the shades of yellow, orange, red, grey, or brown. After that, use the colour wheel’s principles to select colours that complement your floors.

Make Use of Carpets and Rugs


make use of carpets

Decorate your wood floors with rugs and carpets as they complement wooden flooring well. They not only add style, but they can also provide balance to the overall aesthetic of your room. For instance, if you have dark floors, you can choose rugs and carpets with a light tone to balance the look.

Additionally, for rugs, a sheepskin rug will make a good choice for bedrooms, while a traditional one works best for living rooms. For carpet ideas, you can choose a colour that complements the colour of your floors or go for patterned carpets.

There are many other benefits of making use of carpets and rugs. Not only do they enhance the look of your room, but they also provide comfort to your feet. And most importantly, carpets and rugs help prevent scratches to your precious floors.

Lighten Up Your Space


lighten up your space

If you have dark wood flooring, put some bright elements. Pair your dark floors with brighter furniture and light-coloured walls. You can also add bright accessories like light-coloured rugs or carpets to make your space look better.

Accent Walls

If you want to try out something different, you can go for accent walls. Accent walls are a great way to add some personality to your space. With accent walls, you also have tons of options to choose from, such as solid colours, patterned, or textured. Because of this, almost any kind of accent wall can work well with wood flooring.

Mixing Wood Tones

Another wood flooring decorating idea to try is mixing wood tones. A room filled with wood floors and wooden furniture may seem like it’s too overcrowded with wood.

There’s nothing wrong with going with an all-wood look, as long as you find a balance. If your wooden furniture has the same colour or texture as your wooden floors, it may appear too common and not very stylish.

Instead, you can combine wooden furniture and your wood floors that have different textures, as long as you match undertones and mix accordingly. For instance, if your dominant wood tone is warm, then stay with warm tones.

Additionally, if you’re mixing different types of wood, try not to pair those with noticeable wood grains because they might clash. Instead, you can choose to go with subtle wood grains or one dominant wood grain paired with subtle wood grains. This should give your space a lot more style and interest, which will help make it look more amazing.

Nature-Inspired Decor: Decorate with Greenery

You can never go wrong with nature. Plants add life to a room, and they really serve as good decorations, especially if you have parquet floors.

Parquet wood flooring features a range of natural colours and patterns, and so pairing it with natural elements will create a harmonious look. But note that you can always go for a nature-inspired look with just about any kind of flooring. It’s definitely a wood flooring decorating idea worth trying.

Get Creative with Patterns


get creative with patterns

When decorating your home, going for a neutral look may seem like a safe bet, but it can end up feeling pretty dull. Patterns add life to a room – whether it’s patterned wood floors, a patterned rug, or wall patterns.

Don’t be afraid to make your space pop with dynamic, lively patterns. So long as all of these patterns and colours don’t clash, then it would give your room a pleasing and unique look.

Stone Interiors

Another wood flooring decorating idea is stone interiors. If you want to add more detail, consider using stone interiors. Stone statements blend well with wood floors, whether it’s a stone fireplace, marble side tables, or a stone countertop. Your space will definitely have a timeless and elegant look with wooden floors and stone interiors.

Make Use of Curtains

Another way to add beauty to your space is to make use of curtains. Choosing the color of your curtains is important, and whatever you choose should complement your floors. Choosing the right curtains will definitely make a difference in your room’s overall vibe.

Curtains also have other benefits. One is that they could protect your floors from exposure to direct sunlight, as regular exposure to such can have an impact on some types of flooring. Another is that curtains, especially the long ones, can hide some imperfections in your flooring, such as scratches caused by pets.

Home Decoration Pieces to Consider

Apart from carpets, rugs, and curtains, you can also consider the following home decoration pieces as they work well together with wood flooring:


If you want to add more style and sophistication to your space, you may want to consider ottomans. They come in a range of colors, including neutral ones, and complement wood flooring really well.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are a good addition to any home, and they blend in well with wood floors. Glass will also allow you to see your floors, so it won’t cover the beauty of your floors.

Table Lamps

Another home decoration piece to consider is table lamps. Make use of table lamps with metal bases and wooden shades to complement your wood floors. If you want to go for a modern look, you can try using a white lamp base with any shade of grey.

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