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Recently we’ve been feeling really inspired by smokey auburn-hued oak wood, swirly white marble, slate/black elements and brass accents to add a little bit of contrasting sheen against the other matte materials. This elegant combination creates the ultimate luxury feeling using only nature’s finest raw materials. Something that will never go out of style!

Kährs Oak Fredrik, by Kährs Founders Collection, is a true rustic wood floor where the surface is handcrafted and deeply brushed to enhance the beauty and specific characteristics of each and every board. It is smoked, which gives the floor a dark brown colour and big colour variations, and has a beautiful nature oiled surface that enhances the colour and grains, while giving off a beautifully mild oil scent that provides comfort.

Kährs Oak Fredrik_Marble Inspiration

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The beauty of artisanal charm and age-old traditions. Freshly baked bread; earthy, rustic textures; the essence of blooming lavender fields. What’s not to love about southern France?

There’s no wonder why Kährs has dedicated an entire collection to highly skilled craftsmanship with its own unique style and character, that reflects highly on the artisanal French spirit. The Artisan Collection is an artistic range of floors based on the unique characteristics of oak. With a wide spectrum of colour variations, the bevelled edge, brushed wood floor offers a large scope of options to suit all interior styles.

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